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Therapy For Rock Groups


Michael Atavar


Entitles the purchaser to a 100-minute 1-2-1 session with Michael Atavar.

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 100 minutes
Environment: Online or in person


How can you focus on the wellbeing of your musicians in complex, challenging environments?
Are you looking for a facilitator to mediate in the studio?
Or provide cogency on tour?
Do you want to embrace group change but don't know where to begin?
Where do you place yourself on the axis of success/loss?

If so, this session gives you time to reflect on the possibilities open to you.

I am inspired by previous, historical interventions into live and studio settings by therapists/psychologists and approach the rock group context like another manifestation of group process.

My approach is creative (using the form of therapy to interrogate the problem at hand).

I employ a transpersonal model and add to this Jungian blueprint elements of constellation work, REBT, shamanism, Zen Buddhism, process work, creative play and self-compassion (all through my own training).

The meeting is conducted online. I am based in London but I am used to working within different time zones/situations. Touring potential is also available.

Contact us at counsellor*at* if you would like to arrange this service or want to know more.

‘The reality of your own true self’ Kosho Uchiyama